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人生の節目に滝行 冬こそ滝行にチャレンジ 身がひきしまります


                Power spot The waterfall YUHInoTAKI   address: Yagurazawa, Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa.






 Membership recruitment

  There is tradition of shugendo from antiquity.
shugenndo is inherited.

It isn't advertisement of a religion.

 Feel the natural power.

Feel power of the water which runs.

Spirit training


All about the purpose.


TAKIGYO    experience of waterfall meditation
▼Waterfall of the sunset▼

Please check the date.

※checking this  calendar and please apply.   


Meeting place and time 

※Odakyu Line Shimmatsuda station south entrance-> 9:00
parking lot of yuhinotakit-> 9:30


  by car  Tomei-expressway Oi-matsuda interchange, then 20 min.

by train
It is one hour and 22min train ride away from Odakyu Shinjuku station and then 20min  car ride to the waterfall.



▼Entrance fee  9000 yen/1 person

A commemorative photography DVD, a costume, a cane and sake are included.



(1) 2 towels (To wipe up a body.)
(2) Shoes (When entering a waterfall, it's put on.)
(3) Inner (swimsuit)





   Invitation to Takigyo  

Takigyo will refresh your mind and body.
Takigyo is recommended If you think you try to change yourself.
refreshing and energy enhancement.
It change yourself.
If you want to get the energy Waterfall will give unsparingly to you.
And must stand firmly when seriously facing the waterfall.
You must accept the mercilessly strike water in the body.
will be change past self and the future.
It is each person
The Takigyo is the fight against his own in front of the forces of nature.


   training field Taki

You pray for safety towards the waterfall.
And preparation exercise
wear a white traditional karate clothes.
continue to shout ei ei.
allowed to pray to the waterfall.
I will head to the waterfall in the yell.
in the yell from the beginning to the end
Yuhinotaki is good forTakigyo
Yuhinotaki is enough water and blessed with water quality.
Also, It is close from the Tokyo metropolitan area.
It is recommended because the access is also good.

   way of takigyo  

Takigyo started more than1000years ago.
Fudoson( Acala) has been enshrined waterfall.
pray for safety at Acala  and pray for all the guest.
shout eiho eiho and yell at the gesture like a rowing a boat. (Birds ship)
You cleanse your body by the water. (Water line)
when you go into the waterfall you will not be able to breathe because cold.
And after while you can breathe and shout as "Ei !".
it has received the water flow to the head and shoulders.
Just will become only the feeling that you are struck by water. 

Waterfall is bumpy with stones and rocks.To avoid the slippery rock go to waterfall with a cane.
After one minutes and half go outside of the waterfall.           
 asahi shinbun report

※ of snow seen in Takigyo → Video of winter Takigyo See in photos winter Takigyo

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